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Created by badass women for badass women. The Feel Collection™ blends cannabis extracts with natural ingredients to make every day a little more heck yeah.

Our Products

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Life on High.

Only boring people get bored. Because when it comes down to it, how you feel is all about your attitude.

The Feel Collection™ wants to instill the everyday with a bit more punch with our hard-working, natural products.

Turn house chores into relaxing me-time.
A delayed train into an adventure.
And a bad dinner date into a pretty mad time.

Life’s too short to accept the everyday as everyday.
It’s time to experience Life On High.

Your Body Rocks.

It’s the vessel that carries you through your brilliant life, so you need to keep it feeling all sorts of awesome.

Our products fuse premium cannabis with natural essential oils which make you feel good on the inside and help you to feel more vibrant on the outside.

The Feel Collection™ tinctures available in five varieties: Comfort, Dreamy, Energized, Relaxed, and Healed

Our Products

Where To Buy.

You can find The Feel Collection™ wherever legal cannabis products are sold in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts. In-store availability may vary.

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